About Us

About Us

Neilsons at Jellystone of Estes ParkHi, we’re the Neilsons!

I’m Brett, that’s my wife Ashley in the black, and our daughter Lily is the cute one in the boots. We started camping after getting our first trailer in 2013. Prior to that, we had gone tent camping one time as a couple. We always enjoyed the thought of camping but never really enjoyed the tent experience. It turns out that buying a trailer was just the trick to get us out seeing the world.

It all started with a discussion between Ash and me about getting me some type of trailer to use for my radio events. See, I am an Amateur Radio Operator and help support many events (runs, walks, parades, etc.). Each event I would be looking for some type of shelter to keep me out of the elements while I was working. One day we were talking fairly serious about getting me a trailer and we decided to go looking. Of course, I was thinking some type of cargo trailer, but Ash mentioned being able to use the trailer for camping in addition to radio events. At that moment the light went on for both of us and we knew what we needed to do. After only looking for a short time we decided that the Jayco Swift 184BH would fit our needs for both purposes, was able to be towed with my vehicle and fit within our budget. Check, check and check! So, we wrote one (a check) and started our camping adventures.

Since the purchase of our first trailer, we have been getting out as often as we can. We are continually amazed at the places we go and how beautiful they are. Some less than 40 miles from our home that we never even knew existed. Now, we are enjoying them as often as we can. I have mentioned it before but people have frequently told us that we were investing in life-long memories and family with our trailer. I didn’t realize just how true of a statement that was. We go out in nature, strip off all the daily stresses and spend time together as a family. I truly believe that time camping isn’t spent, its invested…

Feel free to reach out and get in touch with us:  info@ourcampingadventures.com